MELBOURNE, April 11 - Trinity Grammar on Wednesday offered Rohan Brown to return to the school from Monday, April 16 after more than a month of angry protests from the school's community.

"We hope Rohan accepts the offer to return to Trinity Grammar as Deputy Headmaster, working with headmaster Michael Davies as he leads our fine school into the future," Trinity school council chairman Robert Utter said in a statement.

"The attention Trinity Grammar has attracted in recent weeks has been regrettable and we hope our school community can come together to move forward with care and respect."

The school commissioned an independent review of the debacle which found Brown's dismissal was not justified.

It found while Brown breached the school's code of conduct, and this may have justified dismissal, Davies chose not to end Brown's contract, but weeks later when the school council dismissed the deputy principal, it did not actually have the authority to do so.

Brown was sacked from Trinity Grammar School on March 8 after a video surfaced of him cutting a teenager's hair to meet requirements on the day of school photos.

Students current and former, along with parents, loudly protested the dismissal, including pupils wearing casual dress.