Recently, the architectural push to build multi-functional School Halls which work to the sporting and performance arts needs of the school and community have highlighted the sought after design versatility of Select Concepts’ QUATTRO Stage System.

We congratulate Michael Rafferty and the team at STE Australia with the impressive purchase and January installation of a multi-use QUATTRO Stage and Access Ramp solution for the new build Wentworth Point Public School Hall, NSW. This will be the first of many for us to partner with STE Australia to provide this design of Stage System to NSW schools.

The QUATTRO Stage System works to a clever design requirement to provide an 8m x 6m x 600mm high Stage area with a wide sweeping Stage Step System across the full width front of Stage and to add both a custom Step Unit and an Access Ramp with two turning Landings at the rear of the Stage.

The elegant Umber Timber Stain finish on all Stage Podiums, Steps and Access Ramp, plus the formal matt Black finish on all Safety Rails blends to and enhances the open plan features of the new Hall’s modern design. Aesthetics and safety are well catered for with the beautifully installed Timber Fascia between Step Treads across the Front of Stage Steps and finished with Non-slip edge strips and aluminium capping over the Fascia edges.

The QUATTRO Stage System is assembled at Wentworth Point as a semi-permanent Stage and Access Ramp but can be simply and effectively packed away on our unique Storage Trolley Kits making way for a new use of the space.

We wish Wentworth Point Public School every success on their new stage and thank you to Michael at STE Australia for their professional installation workmanship.