According to a media release, the institute has spent 12 months  “exploring a range of options for the future sustainability of the organisation” and has decided to take an “alternative direction”.

Dennis Yarrington is president of the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA), one of PAI’s two key member organisations.

“It’s a very competitive market and so, as a business, the effort being put in to maintain those services [and] products, we felt that effort could be better focused on other areas,” Yarrington told EducationHQ.

Yarrington added that PAI will move away from being a deliverer of services and products.

“We found that there is a, certainly a high level of engagement in that field already, by a number of organisations, and we felt that those services and products may be better delivered by another organisation.”

PAI is expected to make an announcement during Term 4 that will detail the future direction of the organisation.  

“It’s not closing PAI, it’s not winding it up, it’s taking a different direction,” Yarrington said.

PAI was originally founded in 1993 as the Australian Principals Associations Professional Development Council, before becoming Principals Australia in 2008 and, finally, the Principals Australia Institute in 2012.

They have been a leading national services provider, offering workshops, leadership coaching and in-school consulting throughout Australia.

Notably, PAI administers principal certification throughout Australia and runs the John Laing Professional Development Awards.

PAI also contributes to educational research, operating in partnership with organisations like beyondblue and the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER).

The organisation will be taking a number of steps going forward, including:

  • Transfer of the professional development offerings and resources where possible, to other similar organisations,
  • Transfer Australian Principal Certification to another relevant organisation,
  • Transfer the John Laing Awards for Professional Development to another organisation,
  • Support PAI staff during the transition period and in the transfer of PAI PD services

PAI has declined to comment on the changes.