State and territory education department bosses are reportedly concerned about comparability issues between the NAPLAN test results of students who took the exams online with those who used traditional pen and paper.

While the national assessment body says its data analysts have confirmed the two data sets can be compared, Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace believes the concerns vindicate the state's call for a nationwide review.

"Some of the concerns are more about the public confidence in NAPLAN which is one of the reasons I believe, and the premier believes, and Queensland believes, after 10 years we need to review NAPLAN nationally," Grace said on Wednesday.

"We can't afford to lose the public confidence in this test and if the reputation, or public confidence, is lost, it's going to be very hard to get back."

One in five students in years three, five, seven and nine who took the standardised tests did so online in the first year of a three-year rollout of online testing.

In Queensland 18 state schools, and 65 in the non-state schools did an online component, Grace said.