The report, put out by The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), said that it is time to recognise early childhood educators as part of the teaching profession, and hold them to an amended version of the same standards used for primary and secondary teachers.

“Including all early childhood teachers in registration arrangements will support the continued professionalisation of the early childhood teacher workforce, particularly through engagement with the Teacher Standards,” the report said.

“It will also support recognition of the early childhood sector as an integral part of the Australian education landscape.”

The report, titled One Teaching Profession: Teacher Registration in Australia, saw an expert panel make a series of recommendations on the future of teacher registration.

Panel member Gabrielle Sinclair, CEO of the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, said that universal registration is a critical step towards recognising the importance of early childhood development and education in Australia.

 “We know that well qualified and experienced early childhood teachers make a critical contribution to the quality of children’s early development and preparation for lifelong learning,” she said.

“Recognising all early childhood teachers as part of the profession through registration is an important step in acknowledging their status in the education sector.”

Universal registration for early childhood educators is one of seventeen core recommendations made by the report.