Nearly 2000 students will sit the computerised English Literary Studies assessment on Wednesday.

South Australian Certificate of Education board chief executive Martin Westwell said the introduction of electronic exams better reflect work practices in the classroom and beyond school life.

"Today the traditional pen and paper examination is increasingly becoming an outdated method of assessing students," he said.

"The electronic examination offers students the chance to demonstrate their learning using the skills and capabilities they have developed throughout their school career."

He said the new format opens up the possibility for video and other interactive elements in exam questions.

Under the computerised system, students will log onto a locked down examination browser and type their responses to questions.

They will be unable to access the internet and spellcheck will not be enabled.

Professor Westwell said students and schools have embraced the new format.

"It has been heartening to hear students say they believe they will do better in the exam because of it," he said.