The half day strike, scheduled for next Thursday, would protest the removal of a government commitment which outlines funding agreements and conditions.

"The Marshall Government is planning to remove 'the commitment' entirely, suggesting that we just trust them that funding levels will remain the same," AEU state president Howard Spreadbury said on Tuesday.

"Our members, who work within schools and preschools have let us know that funding, resources and conditions are inadequate and our students need more, not less."

The union says the government's plan was revealed as part of the ongoing enterprise bargaining process.

Spreadbury said a ballot on the strike would be open until Monday, November 26 and, if members vote in favour, stop work action will take place on the morning of Thursday, November 29.

He said there was a "strong likelihood" the industrial action would go ahead.

"Parents should be planning in advance," he said.

"I think parents need to understand that one half day of inconvenience is far outweighed by long-term inconvenience in relation to lack of funding for their students."

Spreadbury called on the government to "come back to the bargaining table" and reconsider the matter.

But the State Government said the claims of union bosses were "deliberately misleading" parents and there will instead be a funding increase over the coming years.

"A quick glance at the state budget papers shows an additional $196 million in recurrent funding this year compared to last year," Treasurer Rob Lucas said.

“Union bosses should be discussing with the government the best ways to spend this massive increase in funding to positively impact student learning outcomes, rather than going on strike."

Lucas said the union should apologise for the disruption caused by the strike.

“The timing of the ballot is designed to cause maximum disruption to families as they might only have less than 48 hours' notice if their school will be closed," he said.