February caption competition

EducationHQ News Team
By EducationHQ News Team
Published February 11, 2019

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian recently met with students at York Public School during a visit with State Education Minister Rob Stokes. What could be running through her, or the student’s, mind? Email a witty caption to news@educationhq.com by 5pm AEST, Feb 21, and you’ll be in the running to score an Expo Whiteboard Marker prize pack, including an ink indicator 4-pack, Magnetic 4-pack and 2-in-1 2-pack.

School news / Vic principal reinstated after dragging student

The Manor Lakes P-12 College principal filmed dragging a nine-year-old boy along the ground earlier this year has been reinstated.

Careers / Almost half of UK teachers plan to flee the profession, study reveals

A new survey has found that 4 in 10 UK teachers intend to quit the profession.

Community / School leadership is often about power, manipulation and control

Encouraged by our newly-appointed principal’s invitation to provide feedback, I asked him whether he planned to diversify our curriculum to accommodate many of our students who were struggling academically.

Opinion / School of Thought: Let's leave data to the experts

This is the final part of a three-part series exploring educators’ fascination with data: ‘Are we spending too much time weighing the pig and not enough time fattening the pig?’ In a radio interview with Philip Adams on ABC Radio National, Profess...

School news / Creating a culture of learning through mistakes

How can I create a classroom that embraces mistakes?

School news / Unique Antarctic link-up underway at South Australian school

On January 24 this year, Adelaide recorded its hottest day ever.

School news / Melbourne school launches innovative Year 9 university campus

Ivanhoe Grammar students are getting a headstart on their university rivals.

Leadership / School leaders need to resist imposing novelty gimmicks on staff

School leaders might be well aware of the swarms of educational gimmicks out to attract their attention, but how can we sort the credible from the non-credible?

Policy / Election winner must fix school funding, report says

The incoming Federal Government - whoever it might be - should scrap a fund set up as a sweetener for private schools as part of a bid to make a final fix to education funding.

School news / May caption competition

Former prime minister Tony Abbott takes a moment to engage with his young audience. What could he be thinking? Email a witty caption to news@educationhq.com by 5pm AEST, April 23, and you’ll be in the running to score an Expo Whiteboard Marker pri...