May caption competition

EducationHQ News Team
By EducationHQ News Team
Published April 16, 2019

Former prime minister Tony Abbott takes a moment to engage with his young audience. What could he be thinking? Email a witty caption to by 5pm AEST, April 23, and you’ll be in the running to score an Expo Whiteboard Marker prize pack, including an ink indicator 4-pack, Magnetic 4-pack and 2-in-1 2-pack.

School news / NSW education minister condemns planned student climate strike

New South Wales education minister Sarah Mitchell has hit out at tomorrow’s planned School Strike 4 Climate in an interview on 2GB’s The Steve Price Show.

Technology / How to handle social media distractions in the classroom

Sigh. A high school teacher scans a classroom searching in vain for the culprit responsible for the latest unmistakable ‘brrrp’ of a smartphone notification.

School news / Why one principal backed his students' decision to attend climate strike

Damn these Year Elevens. They come into my office asking me to support the climate strike. They tell me that it is their planet too and that they should be able to protest about what is the most important issue of their lives. They ask whether the...

Leadership / Diversity the key to improved performance in schools

A new evidence summary released today by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) highlights the benefits of championing a diverse school leadership workforce in Australia

Careers / What will it take to lift the status of teaching?

It's a truth universally acknowledged in this country that people don’t go into teaching for the pay packet.

School news / Dolly's parents release anti-bullying film

The parents of an Australian teenager who took her own life after being relentlessly bullied are urging young people to think about the impact their words have on others.

Careers / Year 3 teacher back to school for Master of Education

There comes a time in every teacher’s career, where their thirst for knowledge takes them down a new path, and that time came for Ray Drake about ten years into his life as an educator.

Opinion / Free time is the causation of the majority of outdoor education injuries

Free time in the outdoors is challenging. As an experienced outdoor ed teacher other than lightning, high winds and trees falling over, free time is always my biggest concern. “Why’s that?” you ask. “Isn’t this just quiet down time?”

Opinion / We need to overcome the rise of perfectionism and anxiety in schools

The pursuit of perfection is a paradox in education; it seems everyone either wants to achieve a perfect set of results or to deliver the perfect lesson.

School news / Former staff members at Qld private school charged over alleged fraud

Four former staff members have been charged after a long-running probe into alleged fraud at a private school south of Brisbane.