5.  Year 7 Maths Outcomes ‘I Can’ Statements - Real World Education Resources 

This capabilities checklist can be printed out and used in student folders to support the easy assessment of their progress on key Year 7 maths outcomes.

Teachers can combine each of the ‘I can’ statements with a piece of evidence that demonstrates a student’s capability, while keeping a record of the date each outcome was achieved provides an invaluable record of student progress.


4.  Persuasive Writing - Ready-Ed Publications 

This e-book is the best possible way to prepare your students for NAPLAN’s persuasive writing task.

Written for Years 3 and 7, the e-book teaches students to identify specific features of persuasive texts, provides a number of examples, looks in detail at ten persuasive devices and highlights the specific structure that most well-written persuasive pieces follow.

The fun, easy to use e-book caters to a variety of student skill levels, ensuring that your whole class is up to speed in time for the test.


3.  Navigating NAPLAN series - Voiceless 

Animal rights education organisation Voiceless has a great collection of free resources to help Year 7 and 9 students with NAPLAN’s narrative and persuasive writing sections.

The material is developed by a team of Australian educators including senior English teachers and is differentiated for learners across different stages.

Spanning 12 lessons, the resources include a range of writing prompts, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations.


2. OzzieMaths Years 3 and 5 - Ready-Ed Publications 

The OzzieMaths e-book series covers Years 1 to 6, but the Year 3 and 5 resources will be most useful in preparing students for NAPLAN.

Students will love solving the creative maths problems, many of which are set in familiar or real life situations.

Covering everything from basic addition and subtraction to algebra and statistics, this is the definitive resource to help your students get ready for NAPLAN’s maths section.


1.  Teaching NAPLAN-type Writing Skills - Ready-Ed Publications 

Another entry by educational resources powerhouse Ready-Ed Publications, these two books are designed to help parents and teachers prepare children for NAPLAN’s writing section.

The book’s classroom activities include support notes and marking sheets with summarised descriptors of how marks are allocated in each category.

When the worksheets are returned to students they will have a clear indication of the areas they most need to improve, while the record sheet will give teachers an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of their class.