We know that although skin cancer in children is rare, it is during those childhood years that good sun-safe habits are formed. Habits such as avoiding exposure and using sunscreen that help to prevent skin cancers in their teens and in adulthood.

Even in the cooler months, the school yard is one of the locations where our kids are at risk. We want to encourage outdoor play, sport and learning however we want to manage the risk of too much exposure to the sun - a challenge for parents and teachers! It's clear that the correct and frequent use of an approved sunscreen is a major factor in preventing damage to a young person's skin. So is avoiding unnecessary exposure.

What else can schools do to manage the risks and help our kids to avoid sun exposure? Yes, slip on protective clothing, slop on the sunscreen and slap on a hat - we all remember the ad and it's made a lasting and positive impression on several generations now. Many schools now enforce the compulsory use of sunscreen and hats before children can play or learn outdoors.

Let's add 'seek shade' to the equation! When practical, seeking shade is extremely important in reducing sun exposure and the risk of future skin cancer in children.

Schoolyards are always a place of play so it's difficult to keep our kids in the shade! We can however ensure that we provide plenty of shaded spaces to sit, eat, play or learn. If natural shade is not available, there are many excellent options including a wide range of shelters from Grillex. The 'Metro Table and Shelter Setting' is one of the most popular choices for our school customers. These settings provide all the features of the metro table setting as well as providing valuable protection from the sun.

Another popular product in Grillex’s range is our 'Metro 4-Tier Grandstand with Shelter' - a terrific addition to school ovals where spectators can watch the on-field action whist protected from the sun and rain.

Grillex are currently offering massive savings on their metro school furniture range as they look to move stock before the end of financial year. Grillex metro furniture is built to last with a fully enclosed slat, as well as a screwed in end-caps, making their range of seating both vermin proof and vandal resistant.

Schools can also choose from a range of colours and finishes just like the option metro table & shelter setting pictured here at Hambledon Primary School, Sydney, NSW.

For more information on the extensive Grillex school range of park, street and outdoor furniture and electric barbeques, please visit the web site www.grillex.com.au/schools or call our Customer Service Team on 1300 552 102.