The app uses a ‘hybrid checking process’, consisting of automated social media cross checks and a manual screening process to confirm users’ private school credentials, reports.

Toffee launched in the UK last year and quickly attracted controversy, with many labelling it “snobby” and “elitist”.

Toffee’s creator, Lydia Davis, defended the app in an interview with London newspaper The Mirror last year.

"The aim [of Toffee] isn't to promote snobbery or social division, it's to help people meet and fall in love,” Davis said.

In Toffee’s black and white launch trailer, a man dressed in a formal suit and bow tie drinks champagne with a date.


Davis told 9Honey that demand for the app in Australia was high.

"In the UK, 8 per cent of people are privately educated, but in Australia that number is around 35 per cent..." she said.

"We felt that Australia would be the best place for us to roll out to first though as we were inundated with requests for us to launch there."

In the launch trailer, the closing tagline reads 'Dating.Refined'.