From 12 noon the teachers will protest the ongoing detention of 25 children in Australia’s onshore detention facilities, according to a Teachers for Refugees media release.

The group says that children and their parents will participate in the protest by making signs, singing protest songs and reading case studies of children in detention.

"Peter Dutton is lying when he says there are no children in detention, and teachers take our responsibility to the truth, and to human rights seriously," Teachers for Refugees spokesperson Lucy Honan said.

"We are proud to have been part of the movement to get children off Nauru. But there are still people languishing offshore, and children and adults in a cruel limbo, imprisoned in Melbourne.

“We want those kids in our schools, those adults in our communities and reunited with their families, and the threat of deportation to danger removed so that they can settle with permanent security here.”

MITA, situated at 120-150, Camp Road, Broadmeadows, has been the site of a series of high-profile incidents recently.

A 23-year-old man allegedly tried to set himself on fire at the facility last month, and up to 200 men reportedly protested the site’s “brutal conditions” in January.

"Australia has set the pace globally for cruelty to refugees. Trump learned to cage children from the Australian refugee policies,” Honan said.

“Teachers work hard to make children feel strong and confident about their future. But this Government does everything it can to sew insecurity, fear and division, both for the children it detains, and for those who are supposed to learn to fear and loathe migrants and refugees.

“We will keep standing up to Dutton's cruelty until the detention centres onshore and offshore are closed, and until refugees are given permanent resettlement rights in the community."

Teachers for Refugees demonstrated outside the Department of Immigration and Border Protection last year.