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    Lesson Plan: Using fire to manage Country – Upper Primary

    Resource by Cool Australia

    Students discover how Indigenous people use fire to manage country. They probe the question after viewing videos of cool burning in a tropical savanna. Students work in groups to research one ‘line of inquiry question’ and compile a report. Students then produce two checklists that could be used as tools to help successfully manage the Australian tropical savanna. For the full teaching resource go to coolaustrlia.org

    Resource files


    Teacher Worksheet - Using Fire to Manage Country

    Students investigate how Indigenous Australians use fire to manage the savanna. They build an understanding of how traditional fire management practices, including mosaic burns, are conducted. Students compare cool burns with the more damaging wildfires that occur later in the season. At the conclusion, they are able to explain how traditional fire management is used to protect the ecology of the savanna.


    Student Worksheet: Using Fire to Manage Country

    Student and classroom organisation: Step 1 - See, Think, Wonder Students complete the See, Think, Wonder visual thinking tool on the Student Worksheet. It encourages students to make careful observations and thoughtful interpretations. It helps stimulate curiosity and sets the stage for inquiry. Step 2 - Watch the cool burning videos As a class, view the video ‘Historical burning'.


    Full lesson plan

    Uploaded Access the cool australia lesson plan here