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    Lesson Plan: Enviroweek - Green Thumb

    Resource by Cool Australia

    Quick summary: The Enviroweek Green Thumb Challenge encourages students to create and care for green spaces in their school. This resource is structured in three parts, each composed of an individual activity. Part 1 - Tune In: Students use aerial maps to explore green spaces in their school neighborhood. They consider the amount of natural habitat compared to urban landscapes in their locality. Part 2 - Act: Students plan and develop their own Green Thumb Challenge by “greening up” an area of their school or caring for an existing planting. Part 3 - Share: Students share their experiences and inspire others to take action.

    Resource files


    Teacher Worksheet - Enviroweek Green Thumb Year 9 & 10

    Overarching learning goals: By using Google Earth your students will explore the green areas in their neighbourhood or area. Students will find an area which could be made “greener” or one where biodiversity work has been performed and needs maintenance and upkeep.


    Student Worksheet: Enviroweek Green Thumb Year 9 & 10

    Tune In – Seeking Green Space Instructions: Your job is to think about the most effective way to estimate and compare areas of 'green space' in your local area. Part 1: What is Green Space? Firstly, what is 'green space'? Lets do a Think, Pair, Share. You have ten seconds to silently think of your own definition of green space. After ten seconds pair up with another student and discuss both of your definitions and decide on the best answer. You will then share your answer with the class. Part 2: Google Maps Questions: Use Google Maps to find an aerial map of your local area. Answer the following questions:


    Full lesson plan

    Uploaded Find the digital worksheets here.