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    QUATTRO Fold & Roll Portable Stage Brochure and MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser Brochure

    Resource by Select Concepts

    The new comprehensive brochures for QUATTRO Fold and Roll Portable Stage System plus MELBA Fold and Roll Choir Riser are now available for Free Download

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    QUATTRO Fold & Roll Stage System

    Uploaded Wednesday, August 09 2017 / The QUATTRO Fold & Roll is the proven solution for a growing list of customers who require a stage which is fast and easy to erect and store. In fact it only takes one person to operate the QUATTRO Fold & Roll. The complete unit is simply wheeled along on its easy glide castor wheels into position, the wheels are locked and the stage deck is lowered. The gas-struts make lowering and raising the deck a smooth operation. Select Concepts’ unique Australian design eliminates pinch points, heavy lifting and the need for more than one person to operate the QUATTRO Fold & Roll. Each Fold & Roll podium may be used singularly or join multiple Fold & Roll units simply & safely together in a variety of size and shape configurations. Once the stage is no longer required, storage is not an issue as the stage deck units store upright slotted compactly together - a minimalist mobile storage solution.


    MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser

    Uploaded Wednesday, August 09 2017 / Maximising on the proven design strength of our QUATTRO Fold & Roll, the MELBA Fold & Roll is simply wheeled along on its easy glide Castor Wheels into the desired position; the Wheels are locked; the Riser Decks are lowered easily with Gas Struts into the horizontal position; safety Hand Rails are stored securely on the rear of the MELBA unit and when the stage is in use they attach simply to the Aluminium edges of the MELBA with finger tightened T Bolts and Wheels; plus the four Wheel Locks ensure the MELBA remains securely stationary at all times.


    Select Concepts

    Uploaded download for FREE any of our comprehensive Brochures on our Australian made Portable Stage Systems designed for simplicity and efficiency in all educational institutions.

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