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    New Zealand Schools Excursion, Incursion & Camps Guide

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    Excursion Guide NZ

    EducationHQ is pleased to officially announce the arrival of the 2017 Schools Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide.

    There’s nothing like the real-world, authentic learning experiences that come from taking students outside of the classroom on an excursion, camp or overseas trip. In the same vein, bringing experts into the classroom through an incursion can be a fantastic way to expand your students’ minds.  

    With so many options out there, it can be hard to know what to book for your class. That’s why Schools Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide has partnered with a range of suppliers to make it easier than ever to connect with the right people.

    This year we speak to teachers on the ground, to find out what some of their favourite incursion, excursion and camp experiences have been.

    So consider Schools Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide your answer to planning an enriching experience for your class.

    The annual guide will be distributed to all schools in New Zealand in print, tablet, mobile and web formats.

    Schools will receive a free printed edition of the guide in July.  To confirm the best person to receive the guide at your school, please let us know by completing the form below.

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    Additional Print Copies

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    FREE Digital Editions

    Digital editions will also be available for school-wide access.  Set-up your school's digital access point today.  Simply create a free school EducationHQ account.  Once created add your staff to the account.  When the guide is released, they will receive an alert and will be able to access the guide for free. 

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