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    Student Guide is the annual magazine, powered by EducationHQ, reaching Australian secondary students in print, tablet and digital formats. The definitive career and study guide, this special publication includes all the vital information for school leavers and those looking to find their career path and study options. Order the 2017-2018 edition now!

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    Our annual Schools Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide is out now, packed with ideas for getting out of the classroom and into the world. Buy the magazine from our store, download the EducationHQ App to read it on your mobile device, or use the EducationHQ Directory to find the perfect opportunity for your students.

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    Exactly! The upper limit of rote learning of everything appears to be genetic as rote learning is a relatively recent learning system that we did not use much at all until the arrival of reading and writing. Most of learning up until the invention of reading and writing and its popularisation was via concepts or sequencing (in that order). If we were to give learners the option (such as in the flipped classroom) to watch the video as an alternative to reading and writing as the learners got to an age of 8+ then the distribution curve of success at school shrinks significantly. The measure of 'intelligence' via testing is actually a measure of the capability of being able to read, comprehend text and the ability to write and is definitely NOT a measure of general intelligence which are all based on rote learning. This understanding underpins why the flipped classroom has been successful - they go home and mostly watch a video and not to read and comprehend a book. Watching a video has a far smaller distribution curve of general capability than reading, comprehending and writing, which are all primarily rote learned. How good you are at reading, comprehending and writing is a reflection of how many generations of readers and writers you have in your gene pool. Each successive generation of readers and writers adds another increment of genetic capability in this domain of learning via rote. You can access the complete 220pp resource 'The Future of Learning' from here, which details this issue and many more that give rise to 'apparent' intelligence (220pp - free) http://bit.ly/2AsM0pL mark@work.co.nz www.MarkTreadwell.com

    — Mark Treadwell on Exclusive: We Need To Change The Conversation Around Naplan - Let's Talk About Progress