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    'workforce readiness' brings to mind the lyrics of 'Killing in the name of' by Rage Against the Machine; "some of those who work forces, are the same that burn crosses". The 'workforce' is in the same class (as is the notion of 'class' as it refers to one of an assemblage of 'students") as the 19th bureaucratic/capitalist construct of an 'Imperial Force' an 'expeditionary force' . . . force as a method to describe a mass of human endeavour. No-one nowadays goes to school with the idea that they will become part of 'the workforce', willingly join the mass daily migration of battalions of workers to places of 'employment' . . . that their endeavours are for the greater good, not able to be questioned, and substantially out of their control. The concept has shed the now slightly embarrassing notion of 'hands' being required at a task, and not brains. The story that is sold is that an evolving education system will break up the typology of 19th century descriptors of human activity, that Rogers' 'self-actualisation' is what is going on, despite the batch-processing, involuntary confinement, compulsion and curriculum rigidity and reporting requirements. When work loses its mantle as the main signal of someone's worth/lack of worth, and it is no longer a monolithic force, but a means of helping people, and allowing them to create a shared identity with you, then education in all facets of life, not just more or less advanced circus tricks that people will throw money your way if you perform, will cease to be 'workforce readying', and evolve into meaning-making It's a poor, shallow, poverty-stricken version of the world that neo-conservatism continues to shove into people's lives via compulsory schooling.

    — Veloaficionado on Our Education System Is Crushing Teachers, Experts Say

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