School Subscriptions

School subscriptions to the EducationHQ Hub provide schools with a single management tool to access a wide range of services for staff, students & parents. Individuals can subscribe here. The following organisations can utilise school subscriptions: ELCs, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Universities and Tafes. Save 25% on your first year subscription.

EducationHQ Publications

The EducationHQ Hub allows your school to access to premium articles and research plus marketing services

The EducationHQ Hub is built for every member of your school, allowing each to access great content and also use our school edtech solutions.

Manage your school account and who can access premium content and resources.

You can access our magazines via a single link – no logins, passwords or apps required. Access will be limited to the school's IP range, so users can only login while they're on school grounds. Users can be given access outside of school via a login.

Promote jobs and manage your school listing

Once inside your account you can upload jobs, events, manage a school listing to promote your school and much more.

EducationHQ Hub

Free Subscription Pack
A free EducationHQ Hub subscription allows your school to publish free job ads and create a school listing to promote your school. Resources & lesson plans can also be purchased and allocated to your staff to use.
Unlimited job advertising
Access to publications
Student Guide
Schools Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide
Il Globo, La Fiamma & In classe
Full user management from a single dashboard 
Basic school listing in the EducationHQ Schools Directory
School Leader & Educator Subscription Pack
This subscription provides your staff with access to the latest news, analysis and education research. Plus our current publications including LeadershipEd & Australian Teacher Magazine, as well as our extensive library of back issues.
Free plan plus
Exclusive articles and research on EducationHQ
Access to publications
Australian Teacher Magazine
Full user management from a single dashboard 
Basic school listing in the EducationHQ Schools Directory


School Services & Marketing Pack
If your school would like to use our edtech and other services, then this plan is a great addition to our premium content services.
Upload articles and school news
Raise the profile of school principals and thought leaders with opinion pieces and research articles
Upload events and ticketing information
Promote school scholarships
Access more features as they are released