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    Language for Life

    The Language for Life workshop, for teachers of middle primary upwards, takes a syntactic and morphological approach to teaching grammar.

    Date November 16, 2017 - November 16, 2017
    Time 9:00am - 3:00pm

    Being understood in and understanding written language requires some knowledge of the jobs words do in sentences. These jobs are called the parts of speech. Knowing the parts of speech helps students get the most out of dictionaries and gives them the power to truly grasp the morphological side of English.

    The workshop takes an in-depth look at how words work together in sentences, using a unique marking tool, and also addresses: clauses, phrases and tense; a method of teaching students to get the most out of dictionaries; and a delightful trip through morphology and its vital importance in literacy and learning.

    Resources include a PowerPoint presentation for classroom use, worksheets and a paperback copy of Language for Life.

    Participants also receive a certificate of attendance for five professional development hours.

    $ 225 (includes a copy of Language for Life)