Q. How can I keep abreast of changes and new developments in educational technology? A. As we celebrate Facebook's 10th birthday, there is certainly common understanding that technology is continuously being improved and taking us on a new and exciting journey. Within education, these changes can be overwhelming and difficult to implement, simply due to the sheer volume of digital resources that are available and the time constraints that we all experience. Additionally, when many of us attend professional learning sessions we are sometimes bombarded with so much information. Although we are inspired to integrate all of them into the classroom, reality hits, and again it's moved to the bottom of our priority list and then we are, for some reason, bamboozled with the notes that we made at the time of the course. So how do we keep up-to-date with the latest technologies? There are a quite a number of resources that you can access in your own time and develop your technological skills as well as your teaching and learning programs. With over 2000 courses, Lynda.com (www.lynda.com) is a fantastic website that offers instructional videos and activities to assist you in learning a new program or developing your skills from beginner through to expert. Although this is subscription-based, Lynda.com is dedicated to continuously adding new material created by expert teachers that cater to the needs of any teacher regardless of their ICT capabilities. There are many, many digital magazines that are dedicated to providing new and innovative teaching resources to teachers. TED (www.ted.com) is perhaps one of the most recognised online professional learning centres available. TED features live presentations, lectures and talks by industry experts, teachers and university professors in numerous areas of education and technology. All videos are 18 minutes or less, making it ideal for teachers to watch videos in their own time. If you prefer more traditional ways of learning content, NSW DET teachers have access to My@PL which is accessible via the Staff Portal and provides teachers with the latest courses that are available to them. My@PL also indicates whether the course is endorsed by the NSW Institute of Teachers as well as provides an indication of what courses may count to new scheme teacher identified hours.