SYDNEY, May 12 - The weekly paper has just published its 51st issue, which editor and former AAP journalist Saffron Howden says could be the last if a $200,000 crowdfunding campaign, launched eight days ago, falls short.

"We financed (the paper) ourselves knowing that there was nothing else like this in Australia, but there were plenty of children's newspapers overseas and we thought we needed one here," Howden said.

"We knew we had a limited amount of seed funding and throughout the life of the paper, we've sought funding through other sources.

"But time has been our enemy. We've been pumping out a national newspaper every week for the past year so we haven't had the time to fly around the country having meetings with investors."

Howden said the publication went into homes and almost 800 schools, with total readership nearing 30,000.

The news is covered by adults, but children write opinion pieces, and book, movie, and video game reviews, and sometimes get the chance to be junior reporters.

"I think in Australia we have underestimated kids. We've assumed they're not interested in what's going on in the world and the truth is the opposite of that," Howden said.

"We've had kids interview the prime minister, opposition leader and the Greens leader."

The Save Crinkling News campaign runs until May 18.