This week has marked a big milestone for us here at ICTE Solutions Australia as the first of our online PD courses was given accreditation by the NSW Education Standards Authority (formerly BOSTES).

It is sole purpose that we are able to provide teachers with practical and immediately actionable advice on how to teach and assess ICT capability across the curriculum using the best practices derived from research conducted from most ICT capable schools and teachers today.  

ICT Capability is a general capability or 21st century skill embedded throughout all Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum. It is a requirement that teachers are able to teach and assess general capabilities in their respected subjects.

For this reason, we made sure that the content in our Teach ICT Capability online course meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (2.6.2 & 3.4.2). In addition, we chose to get the course accredited through a standards authority well known for its vigilance and commitment to teacher professional development.

By enrolling in the course, you will not get a Certificate of Completion at the end but also you will be to support the use of ICT in the classroom by implementing the following course takeaways:

  • Get an overview of the current level of student capabilities;
  • Understand how students learn with ICT;
  • Optimise opportunities for development;
  • Determine your own capabilities and understand its role;
  • Develop the ICT capable classroom (learn effective classroom strategies);
  • Develop the ICT capable school (ensure a whole-school approach to ICT capability development);
  • Manage school transitions;
  • Facilitate student capabilities;
  • Select the appropriate tools for learning;
  • Help students progress in learning and;
  • Create an inclusive environment.

All up, there are eleven proven and successful strategies that is placed in this course and that is derived from fellow colleagues at the most ICT capable schools.

What makes our online professional development so effective?

Today, it is vital that teachers see themselves as lifelong learners particularly with the ever increasing developments of ICT in society. The professional learning for teachers doesn't end here at the completion of the online course. Our website hosts a variety of FREE teacher resources and articles that explores and details different strategies to provides added support for teachers once they have completed the courses and wish to continue their learning in teaching ICT capability in the classroom.

In addition, teachers can access our NEW online shop that provides links to our very own teacher resources direct from the online course itself at a fraction of the cost.

These resources for teachers will continue to grow and be added onto to provide continual professional development and learning for teachers.

So start your online learning today!