You can think of it as a personalised, curriculum ladened YouTube channel with interactive videos on specific topics.

It also includes a large range of movies and television shows, so throw the likes of Netflix into the mix as well.

The site is user-friendly and covers curriculum from K-12.

The videos are tailored to your curriculum needs and are developed or included on the site for their educational potential.

The site’s videos are only one part of the picture, it is actually the latest inclusion that makes ClickView a great resource for any classroom.

There is now an option to search all free-to-air television programs that have appeared in your state in the fortnight for particular words and phrases.

Meaning you can search all news and current affair programs, sitcoms and reality TV shows for current and relevant information.

Considering the importance for meaning-making and life-ready-skill-acquisition in the contemporary classroom, this latest addition to the site is a life-saver for the teacher.

Depending on your specific search, you may also find that your content appears in unexpected places!

The site is full of documentaries, and helpful tailored curriculum videos.

The best of these is the option to watch interactive videos which take you stepby-step through the learning process, such as; basic lab skills, online research skills, time scales, Ancient Greek life, exploring literature texts, and hundreds more.

These videos take you stepby-step through the acquisition of knowledge, and ask you to complete tasks along the way.

Students can use these videos to learn at their own pace, so classrooms with mixed-ability students can work together.

These videos are also good for first time teachers, substitute teachers and for reviewing previously learnt knowledge.

ClickView is a paid-for-service but from my perspective, it has been well worth it.

Other sites can be hard to find the content you need, and difficult to ascertain if it is appropriate for your year level, or content.

YouTube and others are a free for all in many ways, but ClickView gives you content you can be confident in.

The site also gives you the option to search highly specific terms, content areas and subject curriculum, even by year level.

I know how hard it can be to find quality and helpful content for your classroom, especially digital content that can be unreliable at the best of times.

ClickView manages to be a useful, relevant and detailed site that lives up to the hype with new content being developed and uploaded regularly.