The 35-year-old has just posted a personal best time of two hours 26.54 minutes at the Gold Coast Marathon and in the process won the Australian and Queensland Masters titles double.

He also won the Brisbane Marathon outright on August 6.

It’s a far cry from his high school years when as a teenager he had little interest in running.

"If anything I was a below average runner at school, I’d sneak into the district team at the athletics carnival, and promptly be spat out the back pretty quickly."

Not exactly a health and fitness pin-up boy, post-university, as an overweight young man, Dawson was shocked to discover after applying to be part of a clinical study on obesity, that he was technically obese.

Though he thought of himself as 'a wider set, naturally bulky sort of person', Dawson was shocked to discover he really was in bad shape.

“That was a bit of a wake up call,” he says matter-of-factly.

“[After that] I just sort of started working out at the gym at the complex where I was living, and then the equipment broke, so I thought, ‘I’ll go for a run’, and I ... kind of enjoyed it, and that turned into a sort of daily routine.

“It was never really about weight loss or certainly never about racing, I’d never run a race at that point.”

Dropping around 50 kilos in weight in three years, it wasn’t until, while in Canada on a teaching exchange with his now wife, that Dawson had his first race. He was asked to fill in on an adventure racing team - and he loved it.

Fast forward a few years, and now having also won the Brisbane Marathon in 2014, and taken part in ten marathons, there’s no stopping the running-mad father of one young, equally energetic boy.

Despite his times being only around ten minutes short of Commonwealth Games qualification, Dawson certainly doesn't harbour any ambition to compete at the elite level, he’s happy just to run for self satisfaction, fun and good health.

“You know, no one really enjoys the act of running itself but when you finish you get that rush of endorphins.

“You feel good about yourself.

“If I’m having a bad day I’ll go for a run, and by the end of it, I have this clarity where I go, ‘You know what, it’s not that bad or maybe I can try this strategy to fix this.’

“It’s made me a better teacher and certainly a better husband and better person, I think.”