“…Accounting wasn’t my thing,” she says.

Li started looking into possible alternative career paths and eventually came across the Master of Digital Learning Futures at Charles Darwin University, a new course for current and would-be educators working in the digital learning space.

“I became ... the first full-time student...” she says.

The masters teaches graduates how to use and evaluate digital learning tools for the education sector.

A cross-disciplinary course offered by the School of Education, it includes a selection of core education units as well as electives in new media design, web development and systems management.

For Li, the course spoke to a relatively newfound interest in teaching. As an undergraduate she participated in a program run by the Chinese government that placed student volunteers in rural areas throughout western China.

“I was the volunteer teacher in a middle school located in [a] remote and poor village,” she says.

The experience gave her an insight into the disparity between access to educational resources in metropolitan and remote areas.

Li thinks the kinds of skills taught in the Master of Digital Learning Futures can go a long way in addressing the problem.

“...The development of technology or [the] internet can help to provide a better society with a more equal location of all kinds of resources to everyone,” she says.

“...One of my initial goals from this course is that ... I will be able to design some products ... that can provide sufficient education resources to [remote areas] with a reasonable [and] affordable cost.”

While she is only in her second semester, Li is positive about her experience in the course so far.

“...I think it might be one of [the] best decisions [I’ve made]...” she says.

The Master of Digital Learning Futures is offered on campus or externally, and can be completed in two years of full-time study.