BRISBANE, Nov 15 - Scott Dare, who's taking on Miles in Murrumba, has used a Facebook post to accuse the minister and his Labor Government of supporting the controversial anti-bullying Safe Schools program, which he suggested created gender confusion.

"Why are they supporting and implementing a program that was designed by open supporters of peadophilia (sic)?" he wrote in a post on Monday.

"Miles and the ALP believe that kids should be taught there is no such thing as being born a boy or a girl, but you are gender neutral until you get older and can decide if you'd like to be a boy or a girl."

Neither Labor nor the LNP support funding Safe Schools, with federal funds for the program running out earlier this year.

Individual schools have been left to decide if it is appropriate for them, and to find the money for it.

Dare's post was made on the same day One Nation's Queensland leader Steve Dickson issued an apology after he said Safe Schools was teaching primary school students to masturbate.

"We are having little kids in grade four at school, young girls being taught by teachers how to masturbate, how to strap on dildos, how to do this sort of stuff that is the real problem in this country," Dickson claimed.

He later apologised if the "specific words" he used caused any offence and said he didn't mean to upset teachers, but again railed against Safe Schools, saying it was not an anti-bullying program.

"It contains highly explicit material directed at young children in their most formative years, without their parents or guardians knowledge or consent."

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has already said Safe Schools is not taught in Queensland classrooms.

The program's stated aim is to help schools foster a safe environment that is supportive and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.