Chair of the council, South Australian Education Minister Susan Close, released a statement regarding the use of automated essay scoring on forthcoming NAPLAN tests.

"In transitioning to NAPLAN Online, education systems have been considering the appropriateness of utilising certain technologies, including automated essay scoring," she said.

"Automated essay scoring allows for writing scripts to be assessed using sophisticated computer programming.

"In December 2017, the Education Council determined that automated essay scoring will not be used for the marking of NAPLAN writing scripts.

"Any change to this position in the future will be informed by further research into automated essay scoring, and be made as a decision of the Education Council.”

In September, EducationHQ spoke with Dr Stanley Rabinowitz, general manager of assessment and reporting at ACARA, who was in favour of 'robot marking'. 

“Our evidence shows, and I can point to many, many studies … that for NAPLAN-type writing, the computer can score, as well as, if not better than the typical human marker,” Rabinowitz said.

English tasks were set to be marked by computers this year, and double marked by a human, however teachers' unions strongly opposed the move.