Shopping lists and prices

Barcodes provide a simple and rapid device for accessing specific items online, simply by using their barcode with a barcode or QR code reader on a tablet or smart phone and then using this to link to the product’s website. This can be used to provide students with mystery shopping lists where they need to identify the items based on their barcodes or answer questions about the product based on what they can locate online. With some pre-lesson preparation, students can also be given shopping lists made up of barcodes and asked to find the product online, locate a price and add up the cost of the shopping list. 

Classroom challenges

Place QR codes which link to specific websites in locations around the classroom so that students can read a challenge at that learning station, access the website via the QR code and then use the information they find to solve the challenge. This works particularly well for geography challenges, where students can access maps or websites about people, places and cultures via a QR code.

Supporting art tasks

Students who are participating in an art class can be given QR codes which link them in with information about particular artists or show examples of styles of artwork related to their learning project. This can help reduce the load on the teacher in what is often a demanding and time consuming learning environment, by providing instant access to specific information, guides, examples or visual displays of images which can be made relevant to individual learning tasks. 

More literacy or maths support

For some students, limited working memory skills means it is difficult to retain teacher-provided information once the teacher has walked away to help anotherstudent. QR codes can be used to provide additional literacy or numeracy hints or reminders for these students, as they can be posted at a table with a direct link to a specific web page. The page can be used to offer support for students in areas where they experience difficulty (such as a reminder about a grammar skill, the spelling of a difficult word or a maths hint to help them solve a specific maths problem, or it can be used to provide an interesting extension task for students who have finished a task early or need to be extended in their skills.