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    Student Guide Australia

    Your quarterly survival guide to life beyond school. Published in digital and tablet formats.

    Student Guide pages

    Student Guide pages

    What's inside Student Guide?

    Student Guide is a must-read for students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Here's what you'll find inside the guide:

    Finding your dream job

    Finding your dream job includes a breakdown of every area of study available to Australian students, explaining what students might expect from a course in each study area, what kind of skills and attributes are key to success in the area, and a list of the possible job outcomes. This section also features interviews with real professionals working across all areas of study, who candidly dish the dirt on their careers.

    Understanding study in Australia

    Breaks down the essential information for those considering tertiary study. From course fees and government loans to the different qualifications available and pre-requisites, it’s all explained here.

    Choosing where to study

    Universities, TAFEs and colleges. Helps students decide whether university, TAFE, an apprenticeship or a private college will best serve their needs

    Getting the most out of Open Days

    Offers advice on how to make Open Day an informative and productive behind-the-scenes look at an institution.

    Changing your course preferences

    Simplifies the change of preference experience for students, including all key dates and deadlines for preference changes.

    Getting ready for life beyond school

    Life beyond school is your students’ guide to all the other experiences which go hand in hand with tertiary study. Be it moving out of home, finding a job, applying for a credit card, or buying a car, your students are gearing up for a lot of new experiences ahead. Student Guide is here to make sure they have information at hand to make these first steps positive ones.

    Acing your exams

    Features advice on exam preparation, managing stress, and even tips from a dux student!

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    Digital edition

    Student Guide is available via digital subscription for individuals and schools.  Digital subscriptions provide access via computer, tablet and mobile devices.   For individual subscriptions, login to EducationHQ and purchase a subscription.  


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